Our Winery

Relais and Winery San Tommaso is located in the quiet west Istrian village Golas, 15 km from Rovinj. This region has been grape farming and cultivating viniculture, as well as making good wine and enjoying it for centuries, which is evident from Roman archaeological findings nearby.

Winery’s location is an ideal one; it is situated in beautiful Istrian landscape on a 150-years old estate, which used to be a home to a landowner who was always involved in winemaking and who passed on all his love and knowledge to his loved-ones. When the San Tommaso estate underwent complete restoration, special care was taken to keep the authentic Istrian appearance so that the ambience would pass the hundred-year old love and knowledge of wine to the guests, and to evoke the atmosphere of life as it was at the beginning of the 19th century. Groups of up to 100 visitors can enjoy themselves in our winery.

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San Tommaso Winery has a main house of 350 m² and secondary facilities in the total area of over 500 m². Main house is equipped with a large hall, wine tasting facility, winery and a small ethnographic museum. In front of the Winery, there is a terrace where you can enjoy our gastronomic delicacies and high-quality wines in the warm Istrian sun, while enjoying a view over intact nature.

Wines are kept in basements where you can feel the love and care with which we make them. The basement spreads over the area of 160 m², and wines mature in inox barrels with total volume of 60 000 litres. After the maturing process is over, the wine is transferred into oak barrels where it is kept and which give it its specific flavour or it is bottled. The pleasant atmosphere of the wine tasting facility offers you an opportunity to try all our wines and to find out more about how they are made, to enjoy their rich and refreshing tastes, rich bouquet and harmony.

Also, you can purchase our wines in our winery so that you can continue enjoying them in the warmth of your home whilst remembering the pleasant moments spent in our winery. On the first floor above the great hall, there is a small ethnographic museum where we have kept various object from being forgotten, objects that were used for winemaking in the old Istrian villages. Here you can find out all about these objects and their role in the process of making of high-quality Istrian wines. Indigenous Istrian delicacies are part of our gastronomic offer, and we make them in our own kitchen within the estate, and here we can make your gastronomic desires come true.